Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clear Glycerin Soap

Glycerin soap is always my favorite, I never use commercial soap anymore. I only bathe with glycerin soap and I even use it to shave my legs. Unfortunately I have very dry and sensitive skin, and I have always had problems with commercial products. Shaving my legs was always a bad experience, I used to end up with red marks, cuts, and nicks, no matter what I tried. I have tried soap for sensitive skin, creams, lotions, ladies shaving foam, men's shaving foam, etc., I even tried shaving with baby oil and baby lotion. Even Nair and Neet irritated my legs.

Glycerin soap has been a miracle for me. I have never had any problems since I started using it. I never get any nicks, cuts, or irritation anymore. My skin feels like velvet after I use it. I especially love lavender glycerin soap, it's so fragrant and soothing.

Lately, I have been working with clear glycerin soap, and I created 2 pretty bars. I like the transparency, it makes a great decorative soap. Both of these soaps can be purchased at my store: TC Fragrance Crafts. There is a rose soap with real rose petals it it:

I also made an icy soap. It is a cool icy blue bar with little snowy white flakes embedded in it.

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